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***Please note; all files are only available to download for up to 365 days from date of purchase. You MUST back up your files. Once files have expired, you will need to reorder to re download from the site. I highly recommend using Cloud or Dropbox to back up all digital files so you will have them forever and ever. **

Q) How do I download my files?

A) To retrieve your purchases please follow these steps:

1) Log into your account on the website

2) Go into ''My Account''

3) Look under ''Track your recent orders'' you should be able to see all orders there. Next to the order you wish to download, click ''View Details''

4) The next window will show your order summary. Next to the ITEM will be a '' Click Here to Download" . Clicking that will take you to your final page for your ''download' button for that specific item. 

All items are available to download for up to one year after transaction

***Downloads are only available for up to one year from purchase date!! You need to make sure you back up your files. Some suggestions are Cloud, Dropbox or external drive***

Q) How do I open my zipped files?

A) Newer windows computers and Mac computers have an automatic upzipping feature where you right click the zipped file and choose ''unzip'' from the dropdown menu. Older computers you will need to have a program such as WinZip and follow their instructions for unzipping files. 


Q) I found a ''character inspired design'' on pinterest (or other server). Do you still have this item?

A) No, I am sorry. I no longer offer those inspired designs. I hope you may be able to find some other fund designs on our site!


Q) Do you take custom orders?

A) I do on rare occasion, but mostly no due to time. Feel free to contact me and ask, but most cases are a no. 



Q) I can't log in and it will not let me reset! What do I do?

A) I would first try a different browser. If you are on Chrome, try the Edge or vise versa. Different computers and systems work better with different browsers and my website. 

If after you have tried a new browser and it is still not letting you in, just hit the reset password button. Please make sure to check your SPAM as oft times items end up there. 


Q) I have two accounts! Can you combine them please?

A) I am sorry. I am unable to combine accounts at this time. If you wish me to delete one account I can do that, but I can not combine or add previously purchased designs from one account to the other. 

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